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USB-485 Konverter

  USB 485, Windows und Linux

The "pocket size" RS-485 converter.

The USB to RS-485 Converter allows RS-485 devices to connect to a Desktop PC or Notebook the easy way by using the Universal Serial Bus (USB).

The USB-485 device is designed to connect to a 2-wire RS-485 bus. The device is therefore easy connected and the possibility of errors eliminated. Signal condition is also shown by three LED.

The small dimension and low current of this.href device enables it to run in mobile applications.

  • 1xRS-485 comm port appearing as COMx in Windows
  • 2 wire RS-485 connection
  • Up to 32 devices connected on the RS-485 bus. Up to 5 devices by using a USB-485 converter.
  • Up to 3MBits/s
  • 2x390Ω, 1x220Ω termination resistors, jumper selectable
  • Auto-Switch (Auto-Gating) for automatically switching between Master/Slave mode
  • Echo suppression by setting an external jumper (On/Off)
  • OP Version is Galvanically Isolated 2500 V
  • More than one converter can be used simultaneously
  • Screw clamp attachment on RS-485
  • Dimensions: 24x31x56 mm
  • Current: USB-485:70mA, USB-485-OP / USB-485-OP-R :95 mA
  • Package contains: Screw clamp attachment on RS-485, USB cable 1.8m and software drivers included for Windows 9x, Windows Me, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Vista and Linux (Rel. 2.4.18).

USB 485, Windows und Linux

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Ordering Id - Price (excl. VAT)
42001, USB-485 (1xRS-485)
42002, USB-485-OP (1xRS-485 isolated to 2500V, 3MBits/s)
42032, USB-485-OP-R (as USB-485-OP plus durably aluminium case (25x41x61 mm), Clammy for DIN rails assembly)      [Image]
42010, USB-485 Combi-pack (42001, 42004, 42005)
42020, USB-485-OP Combi-pack (42002, 42004, 42005)

42003, USB Cable 3.0 m
42004, RS-485 Connector    [Image]
42005, Cable for a RJ-45 female connector    [Image]