Serial Cards - Parallel Cards
RS-232, RS-422, RS-485

Information on use and support of the cards offered by our company under the VMware ESXi (vSphere)

ADONTEC and its suppliers produce serial and parallel cards that are on the edge of the technology. We therefore are in the happy position to support nearly every use of the highest quality products we offer under nearly every possibly configuration. That includes many operating systems, even some "exotic".

The majority of the offered serial and parallel cards are tested and qualifiy to be used in Virtual Machines (VM) driven and controlled by VMware ESXi (vSphere). Please pay attention to the specific list of operating systems listed with each product description.

Users should also be aware of the risk to fail. Due to the many mainboard and computer vendors not all produced devices qualify for the use under VMware ESXi (vSphere).

It is advisable that customers first of all check with the computer manufacturer that the provided computer qualifies for the specific use and also the required amount of computer slots and slot-types (e.g. PCI, PCIe) are available. We also gladly consult and confirm our customer on the type of use in order to ensure, as far as possible, the success.

In order to support our customers the company offers extra documentation that a customer can obtain cost-free by email once they received the product.

In the event of a more intense technical support is required, customers can contact VMware directly which does offer plenty of background material and support programs or buy our Priority Support Service 1-Case in order to get our technicians involved in the installation process.

Finally, we should also inform our customers that even we get nearly 99% of hardware configuration or installation issues solved and nearly no customer fails, Your case can be this 1%. Time is what a project in this area should absolutely have.